A Quick Word About Design

Planning a website is important, so take the time to plan exactly what is needed in your website. Thoroughly considering the audience or target market, as well as defining the purpose and deciding what content will be developed are extremely important. Do your Marketing Plan first. Decide exactly why you want a website, what you want the site to do for your business and what steps you will take to make that happen.

When planning a website consideration needs to be made of the following basic aspects of design:

  • The content: the substance, and information on the site should be relevant to the site and should target the area of the public that the website is concerned with.
  • The usability: the site should be user-friendly, with the interface and navigation simple and reliable.
  • The appearance: the graphics and text should include a single style that flows throughout, to show consistency. The style should be professional, appealing and relevant.
  • The visibility: the site must also be easy to find via most, if not all, major search engines and advertisement media.

With careful forethought of these points and with WebEd you can develop an effective website simply and quickly.