How to configure the Account Expired Setting

  • 1
    Log in as an administrator and go to the Admin Dashboard.
    Learn how to log in here →
  • 2
    Click Settings
  • 3
    Select Site Settings
  • 4
    Search 'Account Expired Setting'
  • 5
    Click the Edit icon
  • 6
    The Edit screen will appear with the following fields:
    • Number Of Days To Keep Account Alive: The number of days will be added to the expiration date once creating a new account or extending the expiration date of an account.
    • Days Prior To Suspension We Should Notify User: Days prior to suspension we should notify the user by email.
    • Expirable User Groups: Users in these groups will have an expiry date.
      Learn how to a specified User Group here →
    • Extend Expiration Date Page Template: set up the template for extending the expiration date page
      Account Expiration
  • 2
    Click Save