How to show the Poll Result or add Poll Result to another page

  • If you chose the 'default' Poll template from when you inserted your poll on a page, the poll results will already be included on the page.
  • Here is the default result:
Poll Quiz Module
  • If you click on the default results a popup window provides them:
Poll Quiz Module
  • However, you may want to show visitors the results of the latest Poll on a separate page
  • Follow the steps from here, but select the Poll Result from the Curly bracket options
  • From the popup, select the curly bracket to display. Choose Poll Result from the curly bracket options.
Poll Quiz Module
  • Select poll answers to display poll results on a page and select the template
  • After doing the above, the result of poll answers will be rendered on the Preview on the right
    • Note: If there is one poll answer only, the result will be displayed as text on your page
    • If there are multiple poll answers, the results will be displayed as a pie chart on your page
Poll Quiz Module
  • Click the Insert button
  • Click Save And Close as you would normally save a page update
  • Your Poll results will be displayed on the page