Add an Add-On to an Event

  • 1
    Log in as an administrator and go to the Admin Dashboard.
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  • 2
    Under Modules on the left menu, choose Events
  • 3
    Click Event Listing
    Event Addons
  • 4
    Search for the Event you want to add an add-on
  • 5
    Click the View Details icon
    Event Addons
  • 6
    Scroll down to see the tabs under the Record Information section
  • 7
    Click the Event Add-ons tab
    Event Addons
  • 8
    Enter the Add-On information:
    • Event Add-On - select an existing add-on from the options.
      • Click the Event Addons icon to the right of the Event Add-On field.
      • Enter the following information:
        • Name - enter the name of the new add-on.
        • Add-on Type - select the Add-on type from the options.
        • Price - enter the price of the add-on.
        • Description - enter a brief description of the add-on.
      • Click "Create". You can also create a new Event Add-On from the Event Add-ons module here.
    • Event - by default, it is showing the event name you're into or you can select other events from the options.
    Event Addons
    Event Addons
    You should see the new add-on for the event on the listing under the "Event Add-Ons" tab now.
    Event Addons