Creating Tickets

  • With each mailbox, connect to the mailbox and get all the emails from the box
    • With each email, get the email info (to address, from address, subject, content, ...)
    • If the email cannot be read - failure (the email is too big or any reason) → an error ticket is created, this ticket does not have contact
  • Get all the items not yet processed from the current mailbox and create a ticket for each, note only emails with a To, CC or BCC Address matching the valid ticket types will create a ticket
  • Determine whether this email is a new email or a reply to a previous ticket.
  • Each outbound email from the ticketing engine has a generated subject line for the ticket type
    • example [Support #123-789] - This is a "Support" type ticket, the Ticket ID is 123 and the Support Log ID is 789.
  • If this email has a ticket-generated subject line it is a reply and is added to the existing ticket, if not a new ticket is created.