Updating a Banner with an existing image

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    If you are replacing an existing image of an existing page you will need to delete the existing image. Locate the file under the Page-images folder (you can locate it by the file name which should match your website page's URL) and delete it.
    Example: the page title is: The New Cayenne has arrived
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    Ex. If you're going to replace the image on the page then locate the image file The-New-Cayenne-has-arrived and delete or rename it.
    Example for renaming the old/existing page image banner: The-New-Cayenne-has-arrived_old or The-New-Cayenne-has-arrived_old
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    After deleting or renaming the image, click on Upload a file, locate your image (make sure you rename it exactly as the URL still) then upload it.
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    For this example, you need to rename the new image as The-New-Cayenne-has-arrived
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    Once that's done the image will automatically appear on the website.

    Note: There are times when the image might take a while to load as it could be Cached. To Clear the cache: The keyboard shortcut is Shift+Ctrl+Delete.