How to change the Noticeboard Curly Bracket display on the page

WebEd 9 curly brackets use the template to render content onto the screen. Each curly bracket has 1 default template that cannot be removed. You could edit that template or create a new template to suit your requirement.

  • Go to WebEd 9 site and log in as Administrator
  • Go to Admin Dashboard >> System Settings >> Module Management >> Curly Brackets Tags and search for the keyword Noticeboard
    Notice Board
  • You can click on Default Template name to edit the Default Template or click on + symbol in the 2nd column to create new template for that curly bracket
    Notice Board

    Name Description
    Message Message of notice
    IsUrgent Notice is urgent or not
    NoticeTypeId Id of Notice Type
    NoticeTypeName Name of Notice Type
    DateStart Start date of the notice
    DateEnd End date of the notice