Additional Event Information

  • Event Summary (Optional) - this is the summary of the event and is displayed in the event listing. If you don't enter a summary, only the event title will be displayed.
  • Event Description (Optional) - this is where you enter the event's full details. This content is displayed when the user views the event. It does not appear in the event listing but does appear when the user clicks to display the event details. If you don't enter a description, only the event title and summary will be displayed.
  • Registration Pre-Booking Confirmation (Optional) - enter pre-booking confirmation info here. Any content entered here will be presented to the visitor and they must accept it before proceeding to the booking form. If you include a checkbox tag {checkbox} in the content, the user will be forced to check before being able to proceed. This is useful for ensuring conditions are accepted before making a booking.
  • Ticket Pool - if required, select from the ticket pool options or clickEvents Guideto create a new one. Learn how to create a new ticket pool here.
  • Max Attendees -enter the maximum number of attendees for this event. If Max Attendees is set to 0, the max attendee is unlimited.
  • Registration Full Text - a user can put a registration description with the full details here
  • Allow Waitlist - check to allow a new registrant to opt to be included in the waiting list once the maximum number of attendees has been reached.
  • Enable Quantity Textbox - check this box if you want your customer to book more than one ticket
  • Disable Payment - check to disable payment for your event.
  • Support Booking on Multiple Schedules for this event - check to enable booking on multiple schedulesNote: This disables the ability to limit bookings to single tickets only.
  • Disable Payment - put a check to disable payment for the event.
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