Reinitializing Form Components

  • This is a function that will help us re-initialize the form components.
  • On this function, the fields of components "Name" or "ID" will be moved to the bottom of the edit section Form component
  • 1
    Go to source code → Search "Tabs.json" and select that file
    Form Components
  • 2
    Update the JSON of Form components on that and deploy it on the site that you want to update
  • 3
    Go to Admin page → Settings → Form Settings → Select "Update Form Builder"
    Form Components
  • 4
    Click the button "Update Form" and wait function execute the update 
  • 5
    After the update, a message result will be shown
    Form Components
  • 6
    Go to the Forms listing to check the result after updated
  • 7
    Select Create or Edit a form
    Form Components
  • 8
    Try to pick and check some fields that you have to change before
    Form Components